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One-stop Solution for All Digital Payment Services

Your Trusted Payment Service Partner

Neopay provides a comprehensive range of digital payment services, all in one convenient platform.

Why Neopay?

The only fintech company you’ll ever need

We are the most trusted Indian payment service provider, with more than 120+ payment partners and best-in-class security.

Developed in India

Developed in India

Empower your payments with a Trusted Indian Company

100% Secure

We are PCI DSS Certified and Secure Platform

120+ Payment Modes

Credit/ Debit Card, Net Banking, Wallets, UPI many more

Same Day Settlement

Experience the fastest payout settlements in your account

Our Products

Neopay is designed to handle the extraordinary payment needs of your business. Whether you need to collect payments or make on-demand payouts, Neopay is all you will ever need.

Powerful Dashboard for Reporting and Analysis

Our Powerful Dashboard Provides Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis for Informed Decision-Making and Optimization

Integrations Support

Neopay offers developer-friendly APIs, SDKs, and plugins to help your business get started within minutes. Our APIs are easy to integrate with your platform. And they scale as your business scales. You can customise our APIs to fit your unique business needs or build native solutions upon our payments infrastructure.

Streamlined Integration: Explore Our Well-Documented Android SDK for Efficient Implementation of Payment Solutions

Effortless iOS Integration: Our Robust SDK and Integration Kit Ensure a Best-in-Class Experience for Seamless Payment Solutions

Seamless Integration: Explore Our Quick-Start Plugins for Open-Source and E-commerce Platforms, Simplifying Payment Integration.

Experience Seamlessness: Our Robust Server Integration Ensures Reliable Payment Solutions for Your Business’s Success

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