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Generate Payment Links for Instant Online Payments!

Sell Without a Website! Share Payment Links via SMS, Email, or WhatsApp and Get Paid Instantly with 120+ Payment Options.

Secure and automated payouts


Create a Payment Link

Whether using our Payment Links Dashboard or APIs, you can easily tailor your links with your brand’s unique colors and logos, ensuring a customized and professional touch to every transaction


Share the Payment Link

Include customer details, and then freely copy or embed the link anywhere you prefer. Share it with your customers across various channels to ensure a seamless and personalized payment experience


Get Paid Instantly

Enjoy real-time notifications for successful payments, keeping you updated and in control at all times. This feature enhances your overall payment experience, ensuring smooth and efficient transactions.

Use Cases

Payment links suitable for any type of business!

Streamline transactions with versatile payment links that cater to a wide range of industries, simplifying payment processes for businesses of all types.


Sell Products

D2C brands on social media, like Instagram and WhatsApp, can now receive payments without a website. Customize your payment page with your brand’s logo and style for instant payments.

Bill Payments

Effortlessly send payment reminders and collect funds for various services like utilities, telephone, gas, electricity bills, insurance premiums, and more through Payment Links.

Loan Repayments

Payment Links enable lending firms, NBFCs, and agents to gather loan installments, SIP payments, and credit card dues efficiently.

Fee Payments

Educational institutions, including K12 schools and online course providers, can efficiently collect fees by sending payment links and reminders to students. This applies to course fees, test fees, and other educational services.

Travel Booking

Provide customers the “Book Now, Pay Later” option, enabling them to reserve services in advance and complete payments upon service fulfillment, enhancing flexibility and payment collection convenience.

Invoice and B2B payments

Seamlessly integrate Payment Links with your invoicing tool or ERPs for automated collections, streamlining the payment process and enhancing efficiency.

Generating a payment link is now simpler than ever.

Streamline the process of creating payment links with our user-friendly platform, making transactions a breeze for your business. Simplify and expedite payment collection with ease.

Non-Profit Organizations

Secure urgent funds without the need for a website. Enjoy transparent and straightforward pricing with no concealed fees.

Growing businesses

Sell products/services on your website or blog. Accept digital payments without tiring integrations

Budding freelancers

Offer your services without integrating payment gateway to your website or blog. No lengthy paperwork 

Create Custom Payment Links
and get paid instantly!

Contact us for in-built checkout payment pages and get paid right away

Frequently Asked Questions

Neopay Payment Links are the easiest way to collect digital payments from your customers. It is a no-code solution through which you can send your customers a link, which they can click on their smartphones or on their computers. Clicking the link opens a checkout experience that you can customize, and will offer all available payment modes on your Neopay account. Setting this up and collecting these payments is easy, requires no technical effort, and enables payment collection without any website or application!

Neopay Payment Links work by creating a hosted checkout linked to your Neopay Payment Gateway account. Any Payment Link created by you via your Neopay Payment Gateway account will direct customers to a checkout from which they make payments which reach Neopay’s systems, and which Neopay then settles to you.


Neopay Payment Links are used by a variety of different customers and businesses, including:

  • Freelancers and small business owners:¬†Neopay Payment Links are a convenient, no-code, and low-effort way to collect payments from customers without needing to build a website or application.
  • Mid-sized D2C businesses:¬†Businesses can use Neopay Payment Links to recover abandoned carts and increase their conversion rate, or to collect payments at the time of delivery from their customers.
  • Enterprise financial services companies:¬†These companies can use Neopay Payment Links to collect customized amounts from different customers, and when it’s more convenient for end-users to click a link and make a payment than open an application or website.

Neopay Payment Links are the industry’s easiest way to collect payments, and come power-packed with useful features such as:

  • Automated invoicing:¬†Neopay can automatically generate and send invoices to your customers when they create a Payment Link.
  • Support for international payments:¬†Neopay supports payments from over 100 countries and territories.
  • Partial payments:¬†Customers can make partial payments on your Payment Links.

Neopay Payment Links are also accessible without any coding or development effort whatsoever, making it ideal for businesses that want to move fast and collect payments with ease.

Neopay Payment Links are a very versatile and convenient way to collect payments from customers. You can use them in a variety of ways, including:

  • Email:¬†Send a Neopay Payment Link to your customer in an email.
  • SMS:¬†Send a Neopay Payment Link to your customer via SMS.
  • WhatsApp:¬†Share a Neopay Payment Link with your customer on WhatsApp.
  • Social media:¬†Share a Neopay Payment Link with your customer on social media.
  • Chatbots:¬†Integrate Neopay Payment Links with your chatbot to allow customers to make payments directly from the chatbot.

No matter how you choose to send the link, your customer will be able to click on it and make a payment using their preferred payment method.

To create a Neopay Payment Link, simply log into your Neopay account and go to the Payment Links page. There, you will be able to create a new Payment Link by specifying the amount, currency, and description of the payment. You can also customize the appearance of the Payment Link and add terms and conditions.

Neopay Payment Links are 100% secure and compliant with the latest and most stringent safety and security guidelines in place to protect the information of digital customers.